Virginia Woolf in her essay A Room Of One’s Own said every woman needs a place of their own where they can dream and write and create.

In Woolf’s day, she was talking about the importance for female writers of solitude, space and an income.

But the analogy of a room — where one owns the key — and creates a sense of self is directly translatable to online.

Especially as the web is a place where most of us still exist (in a virtual sense) while our corporeal bodies sleep. And in a multi-time zone planet, you might want your virtual self to be your best one.

If you don’t have a room of your own on the Internet, you don’t have a voice in the world.

A room of your own on the web is a philosophical statement. Who are you? How do you want to be perceived? What do you want to showcase about your life/art/beliefs? And, more importantly, what do you want to kick to the curb of Google’s second page of results (where nobody goes)? That hideous hairdo that seems to appear in every vanity search you do? (It’s OK, we all do it).

Search engines, despite what the SEO (search engine optimization) gurus tell you, reward three things – frequency (post something every day), context (correct tagging and linking) and popularity (who’s linking to you and who’s linking to them?)

Yes. It’s high school.

But you’re older (and hopefully wiser). You have a family (of origin or choice), a (day) job, a career or a thriving entrepreneurial business (or all three). These things are worth protecting by making sure what appears online is a true representation of you.

Why not build a room of your own and join the future?


Great. I’d love to help.


Sophia Stuart is a British writer and award-winning content/digital strategist, based in Los Angeles, with over 17 years experience in new product development for companies including 20th Century Fox, Condé Nast, Hay House, Hearst, Hollywood Locations, Louise Galvin Haircare, New Line Cinema, Neven Vision (now part of Google), Pocket Gems, The Three Doors Academy and Voltari. In Jan 2015, Sophia gave a digital masterclass at The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland in Dublin and spoke at a salon at The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy (Amsterdam). Recent press about her work includes: Cosmopolitan, Ireland’s The Journal newspaper and BBC Radio 4.

Here are the Tools I can teach you.

And here’s the Time and Money bit.

and if you’re curious to read more:

I spoke at The Screen Directors of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland (Digital Biscuit conference) in Jan 2015. I appeared on the BBC, wrote “Find Your Voice” for the Spring 2015 edition of Four Seasons Magazine and the Guest Speaker column in the August 2014 of Red magazine in the UK, a feature for The Huffington Post on how digital brought back (the nicer) old-fashioned values of kindness and a piece on how blogging can save your sanity for O, The Oprah Magazine. I also just appeared in Cosmopolitan talking about my first directing job for Pocket Gems, the 15-part mobile episodic drama called Mayfair Brooks.

contact: teamgloria(at)teamgloria(dot)com

“The Digital Check Up”: as seen in——- 


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