ready? great!

I offer a 90 min digital check-up where you can:

a. build your own site (using blogging software)


b. I can teach you 2 – 3 of these tools. Yes, there are a baffling number of these tools so I will work with you to come up with a strategy on which best fit your needs.


  1. tweet, re-tweet, make an “influencers” twitter handle list.
  2. set up an instagram account, post, invite others, start a hashtag.
  3. build a blog, comment on blogs, create a blog roll of industry notables.
  4. start a meme to promote a creative product launch.
  5. upload audio excerpts (of your scripts, interviews, lectures, book excerpts) to share.
  6. start a You Tube channel of your favorite clips/mid-80s pop videos.
  7. set up an account, find others in your field, praise (nice) reviews.
  8. be pinteresting. 

Convinced? Curious? Nervous but ready-to-do-this?


More about me here: 

Here’s how much it costs and how to book. 

Contact: teamgloria(at)teamgloria(dot)com

“The Digital Check Up” — as seen in: 

The Digital Check Up Press

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