time, cost, place.

time: 90 minutes.

cost: $350*

location: (I am based in Los Angeles but travel frequently so can do Europe/East Coast easily). I generally meet with people at their home/office, or a cafe with decent WiFi (bring your laptop).

process: I sit with you and we’ll talk about your strategy before we get to work. By the end of 90 minutes, you’ll be comfortable (I promise) managing your own site (or 2 – 3 tools that best fit your needs as listed here).

next steps: If you need more sessions (via phone or Google hangout) – we can do that too – but the first one needs to be in RL (real-life) so i can understand the way you like to learn/receive information.

results: after 90 minutes you’ll have a room of your own (online) or feel comfortable using digital tools which will be brilliant.

*payment by Square using debit/credit card) and I’ll give you a teamgloria, inc invoice with my company tax ID so you can claim against your taxes (after all, this is an investment in your Future).

Contact: teamgloria(at)teamgloria(dot)com

“The Digital Check Up” — as seen in: 

The Digital Check Up Press

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